Friday, February 12, 2010

A long awaited blog....soo much info

Alright so heres the deal.....I may forget something but get ready for a biggie....

I'll start with school....we just got done with out intensives so this Monday I will officially be starting school and I can't wait. I will be finding out what band I am with and what group I will be put into. The intensives were alright, they were crazy long so we just tried to make it through together. It was a lot of basic welcome to college type stuff. For school I have to service is being in Choir on Sundays...and the other is in the Library which I still have no idea what I will be doing there. The profs seem very very cool and one I have really grown a liking to his teaching ability.

I got to experience a vision Sunday at Hillsong and it was awesome! They are opening a church in NYC and building some crazy schools in South Africa. Two days later we went to the Hills campus for Vision night which is when Brian gives a much deeper explanation on how everything is going to work. Before that we had school at the Hills campus and got to have a question answer session with Joel which was really cool. It was funny to see how much he is just like us. That night I got to meet Jad Gillies and Ben Fielding which was really cool. A bunch of us were hanging out in front of the stage while Joel was practicing and they walked out so I just decided to go introduce myself. They were both very cool guys and were completely cool with me introducing myself. It's cool to think that I could be playing with these guys at sometime this year and it won't even be a big deal.

I am actually heading to North Beach church (a branch of Hillsong) with a friend to go see Marty Sampson. I'm really excited about this becuase the church isn't very large and we heard you can actually hang out with Marty after services. I really am excited about this because he wrote songs that have had huge influence on my life.

I did get to see the Superbowl!!! they had a huge party for us and we got to see Drew Brees win the to say I was very pleased with the superbowl this year....sorry to all the Colts least you got there. I have been hanging out with my group of friends almost everyday and I have been meeting new people everyday. Our group is now starting to really feel like a tight knit group and its been great. One of them will be leaving in a couple months so we will definitely miss them.

My favorite beach has now become Bronte beach with Moroubra in a close worries has slowly come into my vocab since you hear it every second of everyday.....My roommate and I have become very close and seem to go everywhere together which is great...we still have a little UK vs. U.S. every once in a while tho for good measure ;).

Everything is going great I am loving it here even tho I do miss people very much....but I knew that would happen so o well :)......I am starting busking next week so I can't wait to start making some money! I'm sure I will think of something to write later..but for now...LOVE YOU!


  1. Thanks for the update, bro. It's great to hear about the people you are getting to meet and the experiences you are having. I'm excited to hear about how your group gels together. You always seem to wind up with the most interesting people. Peace, Neil

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